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In todays world just about anyone can get a drivers license in the United States but this doesn't mean they can actually drive.

We need to take driving to an extreme level of "SERIOUSNESS" !!!!  Driving is just that..... Driving.  It's not time to do any of the following:

   Watch TV
   Fix your hair
   Put makeup on
   Eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.
   Talk on the phone.
   Read the newspaper
   Or anything that does not have to do with DRIVING.

Your eyes need to remain on the road so you can properly operate your vehicle and pay attention to what is happening around you.
Left lane is for passing only!!!  

As you look at the picture above, this is how traffic should flow:

  • Far right lane is the "slow" lane
  • Middle lane is the "travel lane" if your are going faster than the traffic in the right lane.
  • Left lane is for "PASSING traffic" only.  If you are not passing, you do not belong in this lane!!!!!  When I say passing I mean, step on your gas and pass, get around the slower traffic, then move back right.

When driving on a multiple lane interstate highway, we almost always come accross a car that is driving in the left lane going slow and blocking other traffic.  The far right lane is for slow traffic, the middle lane is for is for slow traffic.  The middle lane is for vehicles going faster than the slow traffic and the far left lane is for PASSING!!!  If you are in the far left lane and you are not passing, you need to move over to the right lane and GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!
"Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the road!"
Rules of the ROAD !  Simple....  Right?

Each week, we will post new ideas to help make your driving experience a better one.

This week:  Keep right except to pass!!!!!

The right lane is for slow traffic
The middle lane is for travel traffic and through traffic
The LEFT lane is for PASSING traffic.

If you are not passing, then you do not belong in the left lane.

If you are going slower than traffic in the lane to your right, then you should move to the right because you are slow traffic.
Not all states have this law, but they should.  It only makes sense to be able to pass on the highway.  Highways are made for vehicles to make great time to their next destination, not be in a traffic jam because of a slow vehicle blocking everyone.
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